Under Counter Water Boiler

We are available to supply- Two temperatures-Hot & Cold //Three temperatures-Hot & Cold & Ambient

  • Type: Under counter model
  • TFaucet:Touch Panel Tap
  • TCase Material: Fron cover: SS#304
  • Power Rating: Hot Water: 750watt
    Chilled Water: 100watt
  • Tank Capacity: Hot Water: 4L
    Chilled Water: 2.2L
  • Temperature: Hot Water: 85~100 ゚C
    Chilled Water: 6~12 ゚C
  • Power: 110v/ 220v/ 240-v
  • RO System: Without 5 stage RO or filter systerm
  • Safety Design: Overload circuit breaker, fuse
  • Dimension: D290x W460x H420mm

* Recommended to equip this unit with water purifier such as Reverse Osmosis System to ensure water quality is suitable for the unit

There is a LED light on the neck of faucet, red light for hot water delivering, blue for warm water and white for cold water.

Also, have temperature options at 65/75/85 degree depends on needs.


Under Counter Water Boiler

  • LCD Temperature Display : Display current water temperature
  • Re-Boil : Touch the button to automatically boil again to reach 100 degree C.
  • Child Safety Lock : Release the lock before get hot water, prevent accident from being scald.
  • Power Saving Setting : Eco-friendly design, set the unit at sleeping mode when leave office
  • Continuous Flow: Touch the button once will continuously dispense water for 50 seconds, If hold the button, the water will stop when button is released.