Water Hammer Machine

  • LED Screen, it can be settled by hand-control or computer control
  • Time Control: Steady Pressure, time-setting function ( High Press- Steady Press - Press Release )
  • Sustainable to 5~40 KG / 2 cm pressure
  • Power: AV220V/ 1HP/ 60HZ/ 1 A
  • Dimension: D50xW50xH130 cm
  • Weight: 80KG
  • Model: WH-50
  • Dimension: 50x50x130cm
  • Net weight: 80kg
  • Pressure: 5-40kg/cmx2
  • Pump flow: Max:2.25L/min2
  • Pressure setup: LED digital
  • Time control: Stable pressure, time setting, LED digital
  • Period control: Adding pressure--Stable Pressure---Release pressure as one period
  • Max: 99999times
  • Waste Water recovery: Recovery the testing waste water to re-use
  • Power: AC220V, 1HP, 60HZ, 1A

To test filter housing/tank pressure with alarm system by simply using hand touch on LCD control panel