CW-919 Water Dispenser

Triwin Watertec, a Taiwan-based RO manufacturer, is committed to design, manufacture and export high quality POU water dispensers/coolers since our establishment in 1984. All our drinking water dispensers are designed to plug and play directly from your office or home water supply.

(PP sediment filter, activated carbon filter, PP sediment filter, 50GPD/75GPD Filmtec Reverse Osmosis membrane, and post carbon filter)

  • bove sink hot/ambient POU water dispenser with Reverse Osmosis system
  • 5-stage Reverse Osmosis/filtration system included in water dispenser.

RO or filtration system not included, must be installed separately.

  • Dimension: 40 (W) x 33 (D) x 52 (H) cm
  • Hot and Room Temp/Cold and Room Temp/Cold, Hot and Room Temp
  • Safety lock for hot water tap
  • Room Temp: 10 liter, Cold: 2 liter, Hot: 2 liter
  • Chilling capacity: 20 liter per hour
  • Heating capacity: 12 liter per hour